Suddenly (2023)


Ben and Laura are a passionate but volatile couple who embark on a round-the-world sailing adventure to give their relationship a new start. During their trip, they decide to explore a vast deserted island which they discover off the coast of Chile. Caught in a violent storm, they shelter in an abandoned whaling station for the night but wake up the next morning to find their boat has disappeared. Stranded in a hostile environment with no means of communication, dwindling supplies and winter approaching they must work together in a life and death battle for survival, that will challenge their feelings and change their relationship forever.

Release: Dec 06, 2023

Duration: 1h 54m

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Adventure

Country: Belgium, France

Quality: HD

Actors: Gilles Lellouche, Mélanie Thierry

Director: Thomas Bidegain

IMDb: 6/10