Naval Cadets III (1992)

Naval Cadets III

There is a seven-year war, Russian soldiers are forced to fight for the interests of France and Austria against Prussia. The midshipmen continue to selflessly serve the Motherland. One is on an expedition, the other is at court, and the third is sent to Venice to hand over a jewelry box. In fact, there is a message in the box, on which the future fate of Europe and Russia depends!

Release: Nov 20, 1992

Duration: 1h 47m

Genres: Adventure, History, Romance

Country: Germany, Russia

Quality: HD

Actors: Dmitriy Kharatyan, Mikhail Mamaev, Alexandr Domogarov, Viktor Rakov, Natalya Gundareva

Director: Svetlana Druzhinina

IMDb: 5/10

Keywords:Naval Cadets III #musical