Cine Gibi 8: ...Tá Brincando? (2015)

Cine Gibi 8: ...Tá Brincando?

There are eight episodes in stories full of adventure and play in the neighborhood of Limoeiro, with a new car ride, lost treasure, art exhibition in the square, puppet theater, an unexpected escape from Cascão (again?),Characters Saltimbancos and a lot more.

Release: Nov 05, 2015

Duration: 1h 7m

Genres: Comedy, Animation, Family

Country: Brazil

Quality: HD

Actors: Marli Bortoletto, Angélica Santos, Paulo Cavalcante, Elza Gonçalves

Director: José Marcio Nicolosi

IMDb: 7.6/10

Keywords:Cine Gibi 8: ...Tá Brincando?