A Wedding on Waltons Mountain (1982)

A Wedding on Waltons Mountain

Erin Walton is considering marrying her boyfriend Paul but her old boyfriend Ashley, who left for the war and married someone else, lived through his wife's death and would like to get Erin back, but Paul is not going to give her up so easily. Also Mary Ellen's boyfriend Jonesy who's a veterinarian is trying to establish a practice but everybody doesn't think he is competent. And Ben who has been minding the lumber business while their father's with their ailing mother in Arizona is having some problems and everybody's worried that he's digging himself a hole that he might not get out of.

Release: Feb 02, 1982

Duration: 1h 40m

Genres: Family, Drama, TV Movie


Quality: HD

Actors: Ralph Waite, Jon Walmsley, Judy Norton, Mary Beth McDonough, Eric Scott

Director: Lee Philips

IMDb: 8/10

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