Kennen Sie Ihren Liebhaber? (2012)

Kennen Sie Ihren Liebhaber?

Victoria Stellmann, head of a traditional cruise shipping company, leads a happy but routine family life. But then she meets the charming Jacques and gets involved in an affair. The angry awakening does not leave long to wait, her lover proves to be an unscrupulous blackmailer. He threatens to publish a video of her night of love. Victoria starts to flee to the front.

Release: Jan 12, 2012

Duration: 1h 30m

Genres: Drama, Crime, TV Movie

Country: Germany

Quality: HD

Actors: Christine Neubauer, Ulrich Noethen, Florian Fitz, Martin Armknecht, Udo Schenk

Director: Michael Kreindl

IMDb: 4.9/10

Keywords:Kennen Sie Ihren Liebhaber?