Caligula: The Ultimate Cut (2023)

Caligula: The Ultimate Cut

Caligula: The Ultimate Cut (2023) reimagines the controversial 1979 film with a focus on historical accuracy and narrative coherence, stripping away much of the original's graphic content to highlight the dramatic essence of Rome's infamous emperor. This version, featuring enhanced digital restoration and a nuanced portrayal by Malcolm McDowell, emphasizes psychological depth and historical context over explicit scenes, making it more accessible while preserving the grandeur of the original's sets and costumes. The Ultimate Cut offers a refined, definitive interpretation of Tinto Brass's ambitious vision, balancing the spectacle of Imperial Rome with the dark personal saga of Caligula.

Release: May 15, 2023

Duration: 2h 58m

Genres: Drama, History


Quality: HD

Actors: Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren, Teresa Ann Savoy, Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud

Director: Tinto Brass

IMDb: 2.2/10

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